Vivant Skincare

Vitamin A is the crown jewel of skin care ingredients. It’s the one you choose if you can choose only one. Mainly because it can do it all.

Whether you’re targeting blemishes, fine lines, loose skin, or discoloration, Vitamin A has the benefits you’re looking for. It accelerates cell turnover, repairs cellular structure, reverses photo-aging, stimulates collagen and elastin production, thickens the dermis to make skin appear smoother and plumper, peels out impactions, clears blemishes, lifts excess pigment, diminishes and refines pores, strengthens the skin barrier, and promotes a radiant glow.

Vitamin A is involved in regulating the growth and specialization of pretty much every cell in the human body. The Vitamin A that you consume in the form of carotenoids is hard at work internally to keep cells healthy. The retinoids (compounds related to Vitamin A) that you use topically activate retinoic acid receptors (RARs) in the skin to aid and enhance cell function.  

When you first start using Vitamin A, your skin will get flaky and maybe a little itchy. Don’t freak out. It’s supposed to do that. This is what rapid cell regeneration looks like. It’s a good thing. And it will stop in two or three weeks as your skin acclimates. Remember, no flake, no fabulous.

 It’s always easier to prevent than to repair, so start early with this architect of gorgeous, youthful skin and build yourself a strong, resilient foundation.


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